About US

As a strategic partner in support of the University of Embu Vision of being a dynamic epicenter of excellence in training and research, our role is to ensure the acquisition, development, and retention of talent; alignment of the workforce with the Institution’s mission and vision; and be an excellent contributor to the Institution as a whole.
The University of Embu recognizes that by being the most single asset of an organization, human resource is an important source of competitive advantage in an increasingly changing competitive landscape, combined with rapid advances in technology and communication. The University to this end endeavours to hire top-notch employees and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth, recognition, and community engagement to keep the University on the cutting edge of competition.
While it has become increasingly important to improve productivity and competitiveness, the University recognizes that a workplace that enables employees to achieve a work-life balance is particularly motivating and gratifying to employees. Towards this end, the University is committed to ensuring the creation of a work environment that prioritizes this balance by instituting policies, procedures, actions that enable it.